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History and Community Service


The Lions Club of Nobleton was formed in 1962. In 2018 we celebrate 56 years of proud history which has enabled us to make significant contributions to our community. Listed here are a few of those achievements:

  • Purchased two (2) emergency ambulances in Nobleton.
  • Helped with the building of the Nobleton Public Swimming pool.
  • The installation of elevators within the Nobleton Arena and Seniors’ Residence.
  • Large financial assistance to enable the completion of the Nobleton Arena.
  • Financial support to the construction of the first Nobleton Library.
  • Financial support towards maintenance and repair of the Nobleton Community Hall.
  • Lights for the baseball diamond.
  • Laundry facilities at the Seniors’ Residence.
  • Community Digital Bill Board at the Nobleton Library.

The Lions have proudly supported many worthy causes, institutions and service/volunteer organizations, in our community, such as:

Girl Guides, Baseball Association, Figure Skating Association, Junior Curling, “Meals on Wheels”, Senior Public School, Cancer Society,  Hospice King, Sick Kids Hospital, Camp Dorset Dialysis Centre, “CHATS”, Southlake Regional Health Centre, York Central Hospital, Spinal Cord Research, Canadian Diabetes Society, and others.