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Supporting Community Fundraisers is beneficial for everyone 

Submitted to THE WEEKLY – By Donna Taylor

Twenty seven years ago our family moved to Nobleton and started a great life here.  When my husband and I and four little boys arrived we knew little about the service clubs in small towns and the name Lions meant very little to us.  As happens with young children, we became involved with different community organizations and with the children’s school.  While serving on these associations I learned many things. Read more...

One night while taking registration for the baseball association, a young girl came forward with her babysitting money to pay for her younger brother’s fees.  Quickly and kindly this was declined with the comment “the Lions Club will pay for this.”

Similarly, when the cost of a grade 8 trip to Ottawa was out of the question for my child’s class mate the call was again “the Lions will cover this.” We have been the recipient of their support in many ways – the new lights for the baseball diamond that all of our children and my husband used and financial fund-raising for the arena where they played hockey.

Supporting families at Christmas with meals suitable for celebration, paying fees and extras for young scouts and guides are yearly commitments that this organization regularly and quietly assumes.

Perhaps in the years to come, I too will benefit from the use of the elevators at the arena and seniors residence?  These contributions are invaluable to our small town.  It is easy and fun to support the many lotteries that are available and dream of the big win but to my mind the best lottery of all is the annual community fund-raising that the Lions Club of Nobleton has every year.  We are all winners every day with this lottery.  By supporting the fund-raising event in June each year, you just might be helping the little one down the street play hockey or ball or pay for the Meals on Wheels for  a senior that you smile at while picking up your mail in the post office.

Now that is caring for your community!